1. CRM Refreshment Course
    CRM Instructors/Trainers Refreshment Course. The Refreshment Course for CRM (Crew Resource Management) Instructors and Trainers will be held by Flyrad in early November. The course is valid for maintaining and recovering the requirements of "recency" and "currency" required by current legislation and will be delivered by the Certified Instructors/Examiners of…
  2. A nice event is in progress
    Flyrad is glad to inform you that UNIMOG CLUB ITALIA has scheduled a very interesting meeting in Lochere (Trento) – Italy during the weekend from 25th to 27th May 2018. UNIMOG CLUB ITALIA is the italian delegation of Unimog Club Gaggenau. It’s goal is to promote, delevop and improve the…
  3. Helicopter mission request and the R.O.M.A. Checklist
    A few years ago, Capt. Franco Pescali - Safety Manager of the Helicopter Department of the State Police of Florence - has started an important project to improve the safety of operations of helicopters. His project was implemented by EASA's European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) and is now published in…
  4. Contest: Gare Privinciali di Protezione Civile - Galbiate 2017
    We are proud to announce that FLYRAD will be official sponsor of the event organized by the Civil Protection Group of Galbiate and scheduled from 21 to 23 July 2017. The event, called "Gare Provinciali di Protezione Civile - Galbiate 2017", is a Civil Protection Training that has as its…
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